Electro-Acrylic is a live, electronic-acoustic hybrid performance in the immersive fulldome theater of the  Society for Arts and Technology (SAT). It is a creative blend of abstract painting, interactive digital art and live sound making. 
Attached behind the canvas are eight piezo microphones that reverberate with the artist's strokes in a rhythmic momentum, sending signals to the sound and video-projection designers. All the music and imagery of the show are created from these canvas signals and the imagery captured by the camera. If the painter doesn't touch the canvas – nothing happens!
Timeline gallery of interactive projection performance in the dome
Realtime 2K in fulldome equidistant projection 210°360° with TouchDesigner 099
Paintings from our seven shows
Fred Laurier (Pfreud) : Live sound designer
Fred Trétout : Interactive motion designer
Alec Stephani : Painter percussionnist

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